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One Person Tents | SurvivalBoards Choice

When you venture off the beaten path nothing beats a one person tent to keep the biting bugs off you at night. My first experience with a one person tent was with a Wenzel Starlite tent bought sometime around 1992 or 1993. During the 1990s my buddies and I were camping along the bayous and marshes of Southeast Texas, where mosquitoes make getting a good nights sleep almost impossible unless you have a good bug proof tent. Mosquitoes will probe every square inch of a tent looking for a way in, but my trusty Wenzel Starlite tent kept them at bay. Over the years numerous upgraded tents have been released on the market, but the Wenzel Starlite tent holds a special place in my heart.

Besides the Wenzel Starlite tent, one of my favorite lightweight backpacking tents is the Eureka Solitaire. This one person tent not only keeps the biting bugs at bay, but also fits inside a large ALICE pack. The Eureka Solitaire is not only light weight but does exactly what it is suppose to do, and that is protect you from the elements so you get a good nights sleep.

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