What Are The Best SHTF Book Series | Our Top Picks From SurvivalBoards

This is a buyer’s guide to the best shtf book series. Here at SurvivalBoards we scour the Internet for the best options, selections and prices for our readers. Here are some of our excellent product offers .

Sunfall Series Books 1-3 D Gideon SHTF Post-Apocalypse Journey Advent Impact CME

T.L. Payne Days of Want Series Books 1-3 EMP Post-Apocalypse SHTF Survival

Bobby Akart Yellowstone Series Books 1-4 Hellfire Inferno Fallout Survival SHTF

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Disaster Preparedness Manuals

Disaster Preparedness Manuals, also known as survival manuals are often overlooked by preppers and survivalist. There is a wealth of information out there, but you have to have the books in hand for them to do you any good.

Over the past few weeks I picked up 6 new disaster preparedness manuals:

Homeland security field guide
Quick Series guide to public health emergencies
Quick Series emergency preparedness for persons with disabilities and medical conditions
Janes Chem-bio handbook
Chickens by Dereck Hall

I also have Chickens for Dummies on the way, it should be here next week.

Homeland Security Field GuideHomeland Security Field Guide, a pocket reference for weapons of mass destruction (WMD) & terrorism response:

One thing that stands out about this manual, the different sections have tabs that you can see without having to open the book. Need information about decon, find the decon tab, open the book to that section.

102 pages

Categories include:

First in response
Command considerations

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