Grenade pouch with Garming Etrex GPS and map compass.
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Grenade Pouch Uses

What can a grenade pouch be used for?  Decades ago grenade pouches use to be attached to ALICE M16 magazine pouches, but not anymore.  Now, grenade pouches come in an assortment of colors and can be attached anywhere you have MOLLE webbing.  This means a MOLLE grenade pouch can be attached anywhere from the shoulder straps of a military surplus three day assault pack to a load bearing harness.  As nice as they are, what can grenade pouches be used for?

When the question of grenade pouches first came up I ordered a couple of them off Ebay.   At first glance they look like the old style ALICE compass pouch, just with MOLLE webbing and shaped a little different.  The grenade pouch is also a little wider than the old ALICE compass pouch.  This means whatever fit nicely in the compass pouch was going to fit loose in the grenade pouch.  Most people these days see ALICE gear as an outdated relic, and for the most part it is.  However, there are some old school diehards who still use ALICE packs, so the comparison between the compass pouch and grenade pouch were included in this article.

What will and will not fit in a grenade pouch? […]