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Random Thoughts September 10 2012

It seems that with every passing year the call to make September 11 a national holiday grows louder and louder.

Why does September 11 get so much attention, but yet December 7 has pretty much been forgotten.

How about the Native American villages that were raided by the US army, every man, woman and child were slaughtered. Why don’t we have a memorial day for those massacres?

Why dont we have a memorial day for the trail of tears?

What about the Oklahoma city bombing? That day has just about been forgotten.

How about a memorial day for the people who died in the Kent state shootings? We should never forget how the US military opened fire on unarmed citizens.

What about Waco where dozens of people burned to death? Are the children of Waco and Mount Carmel going to get a national memorial day?

How about a memorial day for Vicki Weaver, who was unarmed, and holding a child, when she was shot by a shot and killed by an FBI sniper.

Why should we memorialize citizens killed by terrorist, but we forget those that have been killed by our own government? Where is the justice in that?

Memorializing 9/11 also promotes hatred towards Muslims and Sikhs. How are we supposed to live in peace, when we have a national hate the Muslim day? The world has enough hate in it. Lets not give anyone a reason to spread more hate.

Maintaining a level of physical fitness

boat angelina riverBefore I took this desk job as a computer tech, maintaining a level of physical fitness was not a problem. Working as a fitter in a welding shop for 8 – 12 hours a day does enough. I remember fitting a 2:1 elliptical head on a shell, it taking 2 hours to get the job done, and a lot of that I was swinging an 8 pound hammer. One tower I built going to Saudi Arabia was 1 3/4 inch thick, about 11 feet in diameter and the head was 2 inches thick. Instead of using a hammer, dog and wedge, I had to use a 50 ton port-a-power hydraulic jack. The hydraulic jack probably weighed 30 or 40 pounds – I had to pick it up, set it down, pick it up, set it down,,, for 12 hours a day, and for an entire week.

Before I went into junior high school, mom and dad put my brother and I in little league baseball and football. Our coaches made us do drill after drill after drill,,,,, and run laps around the practice field. The training that I received at such an early age has stayed with me later in life – even though I do not use it anymore. At the very least, I had the concept of training drilled into my head.

Once I started junior high school, I did not want to do any more sports. To be honest, I never wanted to play football or baseball. I think mom and dad signed my brother and I up so we could meet other kids and give us something to do. As soon as I could get out of the sports I did – I had other stuff I wanted to do, like go camping and play in the woods.

Starting over with physical fitness

deer standOver the past 2 months (August and September 2010) I have had to restart my physical fitness training twice. The first time was in the first week of August, the second time was in September.

In the first week of August I came down with some kind of illness that caused vomiting, and fever in excess of 102 degrees. The first signs were Sunday August 1st with a feeling of discomfort, August 2 I had a 101 fever, the 3rd I was in the bed with a fever around 102 and nausea, the 4th high fever and nausea, Thursday night into Friday morning I was up at 2am vomiting and with a fever of between 102 – 1.2.3, so my wife rushed me to the local emergency room at Christus Memorial Hospital in Jasper, Texas.

Sedentary Lifestyle in the Southern States

camping hiking backpacking

One of the keys to weight lose – or at the very least, weight management – is not living a sedentary lifestyle. This means you do not sit around all day. Most health experts tell us to keep moving, do not spend too much time sitting in front of the TV or playing video games. This seems like pretty good logic, until the summer months arrive and its 100 degrees outside for most of the day. Any kind of outdoor physical activity could mean heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

So “where” do you draw the line between being active and not dieing of heat stroke on a 5 mile run in the middle of July.

As far back as I can remember (back in the mid 1990s), my workouts would begin in the early spring,,,, say around March. Due to the extreme heat and humidity in east Texas, my outdoors workouts would have to stop by the end of June. Between March and June I was averaging about 6 – 9 miles on the bike, 3 – 4 miles running, and 20 – 30 minutes of weights. This equaled out to workouts that lasted about 1 hour and 30 minutes. But during July, August, and maybe part of September all of that had to stop. When riding the bike in July, it felt like I was riding in an oven.

The hot air off the the road felt like it was heating my body up, instead of the breeze helping to keep me cool. Due to having to stop my workouts, I felt that I was never able to reach a good level of physical fitness. I could have joined a gym, but I don’t like being around other people in that setting. One thing about a good workout is the peace and quit – its “my” time.

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