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Tag: pest control

Asian Stink bug invades North America

stink bug on tomatoNot only do we have to worry about drought, the lack of honey bees, global warming, global cooling, hurricanes, earthquakes,,,,, but now the asian stink bug has invaded the northern states. The Baltimore Sun posted an article about the Asian stink bug invading the northern states. Here in Texas we have the native stink bugs. If you have a home garden and try to grown tomatoes, expect the stinkbugs to flock to your backyard by the truckload. They use a tube to suck the juices out of the tomatoes. As a result, the tomatoes will have a bruise on them. Maybe there is a difference between the Asian Stinkbug and the Texas stinkbug, but I bet they do the same thing – they destroy crops.

There have been times when I went outside to water my tomatoes, sprayed the plants down with a water hose, and stinks bugs went flying everywhere.

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