Stockpiling food for SHTF
Disaster Preparedness

Five Easy Survival Food Preps For SHTF

Don’t want to stockpile 1,000 pounds of dried rice and beans? Want something that taste a little better then MREs? Want something that you don’t have to worry about rotating out?

One of the main problems with stockpiling survival food preps, is that people sometimes stockpile what they do not normally eat. So the food stocks sit in a closet, expire, and have to be thrown out. In the long run its easier to stockpile what your family normally eats so rotation is handled in a natural manner.

Survival Food Stockpile

  • Nutrition content
  • Calorie content
  • At least 1 year shelf life
  • No special storage after opening / or, serving size so that the whole thing can be eaten after opening
  • No special cooking requirements – open and eat, or heat and eat
  • Something your family normally eats
  • Considerations for special diets
  • Price