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What purpose does a camping machete serve?  Thinking back to the 1980s when I was just a young man, there may have been only a few times a machete was used on a camping trip.   Most of the time I had a camping machete strapped to the side of my ALICE pack, but it was only rarely used.  So when was the machete used?  Mostly when my buddies and I camped along the swamps of Southeast Texas that were only accessible by boat.

On these trips my buddies and I would load up in a small aluminum boat with a 25 horsepower Johnson motor on it.  We would usually take around 45 minutes to get from the boat launch to our wilderness camping sites.  If we wanted to pick a new site we would scout along the bayou looking for flat ground that suit our needs.  Once a camp site was picked out we would take our machetes and clear some of the underbrush. 

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