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Mountain House Freeze Dried Emergency Food, – Variety Pack, 6 Pouches

New to Mountain House freeze dried pouches? One of the best ways to experience freeze dried foods for the first time is with a variety pack. This way you get an assortment of pouches to try out. These are an excellent choice for hiking, backpacking or prepping. When stored properly the pouches have an estimated lifespan of around 30 years, which make them ideal for long term storage.

I like to get an assortment of Mountain House meals then store them in 5 gallon buckets.  Each bucket holds a different type of meal.  One bucket is for breakfast with the others are for side dishes, lunch and dinner meals.

Storing MREs

Awhile back I posted a video on youtube about storing MREs. Lets just say that some of the comments are either really funny, or really sad – depending on how you look at it.

It all started when a buddy of mine cleaned out his food stockpiles and gave me about 8 1/2 cases of MREs. Not being the one to pass up free food preps, I gladly accepted the MREs and loaded them up in the SUV. On the way home my wife and I decided to get one of those plastic shelving systems from a local big box mart.

One side of my sons closet was cleaned out, the shelving system was assembled and the MREs were put on the shelves in order to when the test / inspect date. The ones dated in 2011 were put on the bottom, the ones dated in 2010 on the second shelf up from the bottom, and the ones that your supposed to test were put on the third shelf up from the bottom. Some backpacks / daypacks were put on the very top shelf.

The following video is the one that I posted on youtube.

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