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Outdoor cooking grill

Open top grills – are good for using charcoal or small pieces of wood. Even though this grill is portable and can use either small pieces of wood or charcoal, the limiting factor is its size. Only small steaks or small sausages will fit on this grill.

With this device someone could easy cook for a small group of people. The user is not limited by propane of liquid fuel. As long as there is a supply of sticks or twigs this grill can be used. Try not to use wood with a lot of sap, such as pine as this will leave a residue on the food.

Pull behinds have limitations because of the trade off in lowered fuel economy and the amount of fuel that is required to use this size of pit. Keeping the wood dry is another problem. If the wood is in an uncovered truck bed, during a rain the wood will absorb the water, weighing down the truck and causing worse gas mileage


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