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Our Top Flint and Steel Fire Starters For June 2021

Lord & Field Bushcraft Arrowhead Necklace Flint & Steel Fire Starter EDC
UPC: Does Not Apply
MPN: Does Not Apply

Fire Starter Flint & Steel Striker Bushcraft, Emergency Waterproof Firesteel

Material: Ferrocerium
MPN: Does Not Apply
UPC: 739615542192
Type: Ferro Rod

10pcs Flint Fire Starter Bushcraft Steel Striker Emergency Survival Rod Camping

10 Best Fire Starters For May 2021

2Pc Fire Starter Flint Steel Striker Survival Kit Ferro Rod Outdoor Camping Tool

Material: Flint
Type: Fire Striker/Rod
MPN: Does Not Apply
UPC: Does not apply

5 Lighter Flint Magnesium Emergency Fire Starter Camp Survival Refill Waterproof

Material: Magnesium
MPN: Does Not Apply
Type: Fire Starter Kit
UPC: Does not apply

Survival Gear Bundle Contest Coming Soon

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For those of you who follow my YouTube channel know, I am working on putting together a backpack bundle with various gear to give away through a contest.

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The goal I am looking for:

  • Backpack
  • Knife
  • Compass
  • Fire starter

Total package would cost around $20.

The items will be bundled and given away either on the Survivalist Forum, or here on my blog, SurvivalBoards.

I am currently in the process of doing reviews looking for items to add to the contest.

Contest Items

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