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Tag: discipline

Values parents fail to teach their children

My wife and I know a local family who are having problems with their kids. Some of the problems include talking back to the parents, violent outburst, and lack of discipline. These kids are in the 5 – 7 year age range.

Maybe its a changing of the times. If I would have screamed at my parents the way these kids scream at their parents, mom and dad would have whipped my ass with a leather belt.

As a adult, it is difficult to sit and watch a 5 year old child scream at their parent. When the family gets together, the tension between the parents and their children makes the whole family uncomfortable.

I am not a professional in child physically. My qualifications are that I have raised 4 children, none of them are in jail, and are productive members of society.

So what are the values parents fail to teach their children? To mind, to listen and to sit still.

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