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30 Gallon Heavy Duty Hunting Deer Quick Set 225 Game Feeder with Digital Timer

30 Gallon Heavy Duty Hunting Deer Quick Set 225 Game Feeder with Digital Timer – $90.99
Manufacturer Part Number: WGIFD0025
Features: Durable Design, Quick Assembly
Type: Feeder Timer

30 Gallon Heavy Duty Hunting Deer Quick Set 225 Game Feeder with Digital Timer – $89.35

Tree hoist EZ – WINCH MOUNT for EZ- Feeder Hanger hand crank hog deer hunting US – $64.99
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*Country of Manufacture: United States
*Type: Hanging Feeder WINCH MOUNT

Feeder Deer Outdoors Feed Bank 300lb. Hunter Game Food Container Hunting Gravity – $317.99
*Model: WX2-584399
*Construction: UV-stabilized polyethylene
*MPN: WX2-584399
*Feed Ports: 4
*Feed Capacity: 300 lbs.

Checking On The Wildlife Feeders

Wildlife feeder throwing corn with a box stand in the distance

Here in southeast Texas hunting season starts in just a few weeks. Archery season starts the first Saturday in October, while regular rifle season starts the first Saturday in November. In order to get ready for deer season my dad and I went to the hunting lease to check on things.

While dad used the tractor and brush hog to clear the ATV trails I used a 4-wheeler to get from one stand and wildlife feeder to the other.

The first feeder had been knocked over sometime during the off season. The first feeder is not included in the video. The top of the drum was bent so that the lid would not go back on. but the damage was nothing that could not be fixed with a nice sized hammer.

The second feeder was in pretty bad shape. The feeder was on the ground, and the drum was caved in where the legs attached to the drum. The drum will either have to be replaced, or beat out from the inside with a sledge hammer.

Trip to the hunting lease September 14 2012

Here in southeast Texas we have about 2 weeks until bow season starts, and about 7 weeks until rifle season starts.

Over the past few weeks my wife and I have been going to the lease to spread beans and oats, and to check on the feeders. My family and I have 4 feeders and 5 stands setup. One of the stands is a portable ground blind. The other four stands are on legs and overlook at feeder.

Out of 4 feeders, 3 of them had been knocked over. We suspect wild hogs knocked the feeders over; I hope vandals did not knock the feeders over during the summer.

Today (September 14 2012) my dad and I made a trip to the lease. The purpose of this trip was to check the feeder motors, put fresh batteries in the feeders and put 3 bags of corn in each feeder.

Deer feeer on logging roadFirst feeder – is what the family calls the “hog pen stand”. The stand is called “hog pen stand” is because there used to be a hog trap close to the stand. This is one of the feeders that was knocked over during the off season. My wife and I stood the feeder up a couple of weeks ago.

Dad backed his truck up to the feeder, the lid was removed and the inside inspected. As usual there was a good bit of rotten corn inside the feeder. It was leaned over, turned upside down and the spoiled corn was was dumped out on the ground.

Hogs will find the spoiled corn.

The feeder was stood up; the motor was locked up, so we installed a new motor. When the feeder fell over during the summer, the motor housing fell in such a way that it caught water, filled up, and the motor was sitting in water for several months. As a result of the water and the rust, the motor was ruined.

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