Hatcheries Sold Out From July – December 2020

Over the past couple of months I have visited 4 different local feed stores, and called several more. All of them have the same story – “They can not get chicks.”

So I decided to call Murray McMurray Hatchery to get first hand information. Why Murray McMurray Hatchery? Because they are the nearest commercial hatchery. The nice lady who answered the phone says they are shipping chicks out like they always do, but demand is outstripping supply. I asked about your typical dual purpose heritage breeds:

*Black Australorp
*Barred Rock
*Rhode Island Red
*Buff Orpington
*Production Reds… etc.

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CDC Hindering Coronavirus Response

Why has the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention been hindering our response to Coronavirus?

Here are a couple of examples:

Patient in Washington State who displayed Coronavirus symptoms. Because she had not been in contact with a known case she was not tested. turns out she was one of the first person to person transmission cases in the United States. She was eventually tested and tested positive. Delaying testing allowed this person to possibly spread Coronavirus.

CDC was the only group that was allowed to do Coronavirus testing. Their narrow guidelines allowed Coronavirus to spread person to person. When testing did start the CDC was quickly overwhelmed.

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