For Sale: Pocket FM/AM/NOAA Weather Emergency Radios

When the power goes got make sure you and your family have a couple of AM/FM portable emergency radios to hand out. We have several of these so they can be used in different rooms of the house for when the power goes out.

Retekess PR15 Pocket FM/AM/NOAA Radio Weather Warning Emergency Radio – $17.99
*Color: Silver Black
*Power: 2 X AAA battery(Not included)
*Radio Type: FM/AM/NOAA
*Output power: 3W
*Type: Emergency

AM FM Radio Battery Operated Emergency Radio – $14.99
*Product Line: Emergency Pocket Radio
*Generation: 2nd Generation
*Band: AM/FM, Weather Band
*Item Weight: 3 oz

Tenergy Emergency Solar Hand Crank Weather Radio Power Bank Charger Flash Light – $39.59
*Type: AM/FM
*Product Line: Tenergy
*Connectivity: Micro USB, USB 2.0
*Band: Weather Band, AM/FM
*Features: 1W Flashlight, 4 LED reading light, Battery Powered, Emergency Radio Access, Hand Cranked, Solar Powered, SOS alarm, USB Port
*Color: Green
*Signal: AM/FM

Emergency Radio & NOAA Weather Radio 2000mAh Hand Crank Radio & Battery Powered – $24.99

Emergency Solar Hand Crank Weather Radio 2000mAh Power Bank Charger Flash Light – $29.99

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