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Backpacking Outdoor Survival Water Filter Straw Personal Purifier Emergency Camping Hiking

Lifestraw type water filters are a lightweight and cost effective water filter option for just about any backpack.

1-6 Pack Portable Survival Water Filter Straw Purifier Camping Emergency Gear – $9.99
*Filtration Method: Coarse filter screen+nonwovens+carbon+Hollow fiber
*Features: long Durable Life Time + 99.9999% sterilization
*Bundle Listing: No
*Use for: Survival, Hiking, Camping, Emergency, personal use
*Filter Accuracy: 0.1 micron
*Filter Lifespan: up to 396 gallon(1500L)
*Type: Water Filter Straw
*Flow Rate: 450ml/min
*Filter technique: 4-Stage Filtration Tech

Gravity Survival Water Filter Straw Purifier Travel Camping Hiking Emergency Kit– $9.99
*Long Durable Life Time + 99.9999% sterilization
*Use for: Survival, Hiking, Camping, Emergency, personal use
*Modification Description: Not Specified
*Filtration Method: Gravity+Ultrafiltration membrane+Carbon+PP
*Type: Water Filter
*Filter Accuracy: 0.1 micron

Portable Water Filter System Emergency Camping Survival Purifier Straw Life Gear

Portable Water Filter System Emergency Camping Survival Purifier Straw Life

MPN: Does Not Apply
Usable Range: Camping,hiking,fishing and travel equipment

Water Filter Pump Emergency Camping Water Purifier 0.01μm

remove 1: 99.9999% pathogenic bacteria*
MPN: Does Not Apply
remove 2: 99.99% protozoan cyst in water
fit for 1: Camping, Hiking, and Emergency.
features1: WATERPROOF
filter: 3 Stages Membranes and a Carbon Filter
fit for 2: travel, trip, flooding, emergency and outdoor work
Capacity: 2,000 liters
5-IN-1 SURVIVAL TOOL1: compass,fire starter,Fire scrapper
Filter element: Approx. 300ml/min

22 oz Water Filter Bottle Intergrated Straw Survival Camping Hiking Backpacking

miniwell L630 Portable Water Filter Emergency Survival kit with Bag for Travelling ,Hiking & Camping|kit kits|kit survivalkit emergency – AliExpress Survival Fishing Kits

Miniwell L630 Portable Water Filter Emergency Survival kit with Bag for Travelling ,Hiking & Camping
Brand Name: miniwell
Origin: CN(Origin)
Type: Water Filter
Type: Survival Kit
Name: Portable Water Filter
Filtration Pore Size: 0.1 micron
Color: Green

Folding Camping Shovel Multifunction Military Axe Guarden Digging Tool
Brand Name: MANSTOOL
Certification: CE
Origin: CN(Origin)
Type: Multifunctional Spade & Shovel
Material: Aluminum
Model Number: F45
Application: Military Shovel
Type: Multifunctional Shovel for Survival

176pcs Fishing Tool Box Accessories Kit Set with Hooks Bait Lure

Katadyn Hiker vs MSR MiniWorks

Katadyn hiker water filter

The Katadyn Hiker and the MSR MiniWorks are two of the more popular hiking, camping and backpacking water filters on the market. Of the two, which is the better choice? If all you look at is price then the Katadyn Hiker is the easy winner at around $56, which is $20 less than the MSR MiniWorks which comes in a around $75. So can we justify the MSR Miniworks costing $20 more than the Katadyn Hiker? Let’s take a look and find out.

Both the Katadyn Hiker and the MSR MiniWorks have been on the market for years, if not decades. The Katadyn Hiker started off under the Pur water filter bandname in the mid to late 1990s. I know this because I bought one of the Pur water filters before Katadyn bought the outdoor line of Pur water filters. The Katadyn Hiker replacement filters will perfectly fit my Pur filter that is over 25 years old. From time to time those old Pur water filters will pop up on Ebay at a discounted rate. So if you wanted to save a few dollars keep and eye on Ebay, get one of those older filters, then put a new replacement filter in it. But after you do that the cost is around that of a new filter.

Sawyer PointONE As A Gravity Filter

Sawyer PointONE gravity filter

The Sawyer PointONE is my new favorite water filter. Depending on water conditions, it can filter up to one millions gallons, and the flow rate beats the Sawyer Mini water filter hands down.

However wonderful the Sawyer PointONE water filter is, the user still has to either fill up a bag or water bottle, then attach the bag or bottle to the filter. Filling a water bottle with a small opening can be a pain, and sometimes an act in frustration. Rather than using the bag that was included with the Sawyer PointONE water filter, I bought a two liter platypus bag. One end of the platypus bag opens, and water is simply scooped up from the water source.

Think of the platypus bag as large heavy duty ziplock bag with a hose attachment. The bag can then be hung from a tree limb, or from the side of a tree. From there a plastic hose is attached, with the Sawyer PointONE water filter inline between the platypus bag and the water bottle.

Sawyer PointONE Specifications

How Good Does A LifeStraw Work?

LifeStraw Water Filter

Surely everyone has heard of a LifeStraw? It is a simple tube that is a water filter. Place the inlet into the water, then suck the water through the tube. Seems simple enough right? Almost too good to be true?

If something seems to god to be true it usually is, except for the LifeStraw.

Back in March of 2017 I decided to take the plunge and ordered a LifeStraw from Amazon. In April I took the LifeStraw on a hiking trip and gave it a test run.

First impressions were very good. It was just like pulling water through a straw. The water took a few seconds to get through the filter, but when it did, the flow was excellent.

LifeStraw Specifications

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