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Ultimate Homemade Fire Starter Kit

Homemade Fire Starter Kit

Let’s put together the perfect, or rather the ultimate fire starter kit.  With so many fire starter kits on the market why should we make one?  Because its a fun way to pass the time.  Surely there are times in the evening when the reader is bored and may want something to pass their time?  So why not break out your camping, hiking, backpacking, survival… gear and tinker around with things?

Some people may toss a lighter or a pill bottle of matches in their backpack and call it a day.  The honest truth is I have done that myself.  There have been times when I threw together a quick and easy fire starter kit, and when I needed to build a fire the kit barely got the job done.  On a camping trip in December 2020 not only did the striker in my fire starter kit fail, but the striker in the lighter also fell apart.  Luckily there was a lighter in the boat survival kit so I was able to get a fire going without a lot of hassle.  Having the primary and the backup fire starting source fail was rather aggravating, so I set out to make a more reliable fire starting kit than just tossing matches in a pill bottle of buying cheap lighters.

10 Best Fire Starters For May 2021

2Pc Fire Starter Flint Steel Striker Survival Kit Ferro Rod Outdoor Camping Tool

Material: Flint
Type: Fire Striker/Rod
MPN: Does Not Apply
UPC: Does not apply

5 Lighter Flint Magnesium Emergency Fire Starter Camp Survival Refill Waterproof

Material: Magnesium
MPN: Does Not Apply
Type: Fire Starter Kit
UPC: Does not apply

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