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The Rise And Decline Of Glock

Glock 19

In 1982 when Glock hit the streets it was thrown to the forefront of the gun control battle by having a polymer frame. The anti-gun leftist claimed a Glock would slip past airport metal detectors. The anti-gun media did one thing, they gave Glock all the free advertising the company could want.

From 1982 – 1986 I was in high school. Something teenagers did back then is we watched the news. Video games were far and few between. There was no internet, smart phone or tablet. there was no Netflix, Youtube, Hulu or amazon prime. The vast majority of people had 3 or 4 TV channels we picked up with an antenna. From 5:30 – 6:30 the only thing to do was watch the news. So watch the news we did.

Even after I graduated high school in 1986 I remember the anti-gunners beating the gun control drum over the Glock.

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