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About Kevin Felts

Hello everyone, my name is Kevin Felts and this is my blog.  I am an avid blogger, political commentator, hiker, backpacker, camper, hunter, father, husband, video blogger,  freelance writer, and nature photographer.

My location and lifestyle provide me with very unique opportunities.  Unlike a lot of other writers, and bloggers, I live what I write.  Simply put, I live in the woods and write about my experiences.

My grammar may not be the best, but I get the point across.

Where I live is nestled between three lakes here in Southeast Texas:

  • Sam Rayburn
  • Dam. B
  • Toledo Bend

I am also just a few miles from a national forest.

If someone wants content about hiking, camping, reviews, rural lifestyle, homesteading, prepsteading… etc, then post a comment below.

I have extensive experience with various forum software, and WordPress.

A Little Background

I was raised in a southeast Texas community by the name of Bridge City.  Luckily,  had relatives in rural areas of southeast Texas.

At four years old my brother and I were running trotlines with our great grandfather.  We were also feeding chickens and cows, and squirrel hunting as soon as we could walk across a creek.

My whole life has been one long journey of homesteading, living through part of the Cold War, camping, hunting… etc.

Around 2014 I moved to a rural area that is 20 miles from the nearest town.  On this piece of land I am setting up a homestead with livestock, garden, fruit trees… etc.

1986 – Finished high school at Bridge City, Texas and entered the workforce.

1995  – Started attending Lamar College in Port Arthur, Texas.

If you want to get an idea of what my life was like growing up, then read these articles:

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Being a survivalist in the 1990s

Political Beliefs

I am a right leaning conservative Republican.

However, I am a progressive conservative.  I believe every human being has a basic human right to dignity, housing, health care, food… etc.

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