Wilderness Survival For Dummies

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wilderness survival for dummies, has reached a new high in real life saving advice for us dummies ,who might one day ,find ourselves out in the wild wilderness.Using simple materials one can provide a simbulance of survival and providing that help would arrive within a reasonable amount of time. One can survive. The editers of this book has done a good job in providing organizing this information and we all should keep this book, along with a case of bottles water handy. I hope we never have to go through a time of survival but it would be handy to have this book with you.So be safe.
As a retired Army officer and Airborne Ranger, the information in this book will prepare you for most situations you may encounter when hiking, camping, mountaineering, and when you're on large bodies of water. This is a great handbook to take with you on any adventure where you'll be away from the usual comforts of home. All the information in this book conforms to what I've been taught in my military training and experience. A couple of the most important aspects is being prepared mentally and having the right survival equipment with you. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants this type of information all in one place.

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