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Only buy if you get a good price. I honestly would only recommend getting it if you can't find anything suitable and cheaper anywhere else, and then if you do get this stove, I don't think you should pay over $65 for it, and that's being generous. Out of the box mine needed to be modified just to accept the chimney; since the manufacturer packages it with not enough padding and in a box that is way too small in my opinion, various parts were bent and dinged during shipping, to the point that the chimney would not fit until I bent it back into shape. This was relatively easy given that the metal is a bit thin, but still irritating. Only 2 parts of the entire assembly did not show obvious dents or obvious scratches, if the appearance means anything to you, find another stove to buy. There are also several known issues I have read about from other reviews on this very stove; firstly, you will burn off the paint from normal use and it's not recommended to have it indoors for the first 2 or 3 uses at least. Second, since the metal is a little thin, you will need some sand or other such insulation in the bottom to keep heat from warping the floor of your stove too much. On the plus side, it is pretty lightweight.
It does need a little touch up in all the places mentioned all over the web Jan 4 I'll fire it up for first time to get it all ready for new pain and the repair to the door but that I knew about that before I bought it cuz it's coming with every one of these I'm happy though I really am happy with it

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