1.8 kg Russian FEMA MRE IRP 24 Hours Emergency Daily Ration Meal-Ready-to-

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Shipping took too long but arrived in good condition. Food is typical Russian fare. Kinda bland but filling. Easy open packages and nice resealable plastic carry bag. Mostly beef mixed with grain or vegetables. Vegetable spread (ikra), tea, crackers, jam, chocolate, fruit bar were all good. Isotonic drink was good but coffee was awful. Definitely more than enough calories for 24 hrs but lacks any real fruit, nuts, candy, etc. that help break up the monotony of an MRE. Needs spices or hot sauce to elevate the flavor.
I tried it, it's great! - This is a very good and nutritious diet. Many different products. Buckwheat with meat is the basis of a soldier's diet! Meat with vegetables! The beef stew is excellent !! Sausage in a can! Everything is very tasty and rich! Vegetable caviar, fruit desserts, assorted dry drinks and warmers! All excellent quality. Lots of food! This is enough even for two! Not like American diets - nuts / candy bags. This is real Russian military food. Indispensable for fishing, hunting and hiking.

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