kb10 EVERNEW EBY255 Ti Alcohol Stove Stand DX Set Titanium NEW from Japan

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I bought this plus a Keith Titanium pots and pan set to replace my old Trangia. The stove fits perfectly inside the pot set and it is about half size and a third of the weight of the trangia set. Boils water like there’s no tomorrow. No adjustment to the flame so using the frying pan for eggs or bacon takes some manual labor as the heat is way too much to set the pan straight on the stove. Gotta hold it off every now and then but the space and weight savings makes it worth it. Highly recommend it.
The stove stand itself is good and compact but the burner is useless. It works but it burns to hot and too fast and lasts only about 4 minutes on a full load. This is because the tiny jet holes around the burner are way too big making it burn to intensely. Compare it to the Trangia burner and you'll see what I mean. The Trangia burner outlasts this one many times. Unfortunately the Trangia burner doesn't quite fit in this stove stand. So, I do not recommend this product. Back to my Trangia stove for me!

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