Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern, LED Lanterns,Suita

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We often have black outs here on the river at our home and in the past have used candles, oil lanterns and other lights that give us only half safe lighting, this makes for a long and dangerous night. Since the Camping Lantern we can carry out the nights safe and with all the light we need. Candles and oil lanterns are dangerous to use.
These little lights are much dimmer than I expected. I didn't read the specs closely enough I guess. The lantern part has barely enough light to walk a clear path at night. The flashlight part on the bottom is a very narrow beam which is slightly brighter therefore a bit more useful. The switch cover came off with the shipping tape. There is a charging cord along with the solar batteries on the top but neither improve performance. They were inexpensive and perform that way!

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