Homesteading : a backyard guide to growing your own food by Abigail Gehring HC

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Great book. Lots of good gardening info such as which plants to grow together, composting, raising worms, food preservation, raising animals such as turkeys, ducks, chickens, llamas, sheep, goats,beekeeping, herbal remedies, making your own power like geothermal, solar, wind, water. Also has natural crafts such as making yarn from wool. Different types of shelter. I found it really informative and simple to understand. Buy it, the low price is worth it. I paid $6
I LOVE this book. I had got it from the library 3 times and decided I just needed to buy it. It has so many good ideas for our homestead project we are planning on building in the next couple years. I just cant wait to use ideas that are in this book 🙂 They are simple enough for my 10 year to do, and he is just as excited . Thanks so Much!

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