Homestead by Kirkpatrick, Jane

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A very well written, moving memoir about author Jane Kirkpatrick & her husband Jerry, acquiring the 160 acres on the John Day River in Oregon that they felt led by God to purchase and build their "HOMESTEAD". They were not young when they started this endeavor. Jane was 33 and Jerry was 49. The Homestead is located on Starvation Point, a pretty spot, but very rugged. The horrible, rough road to their land, that never could be fixed well enough so you would feel safe driving up or down it. Rattlesnakes by the hundreds, sand and sagebrush were in their landscape. Their mailbox is seven miles away. They had no telephone for several years, going up the rough road to a neighbors' barn and standing outside no matter the weather to use their phone. Lived in a travel trailer so they could be on their land, but no electricity. They did have wonderful neighbors, near and far. People that you might not see for months at a time, but who were willing to drop everything and help you out. They had a dream to have a new house, farm, they wanted to grow grapes and own an airplane. All of their dreams did come true, but not all at once and not in the order that Jane and Jerry necessarily thought they should happen. But, isn't that the way it always seems to happen. Jerry had been injured years before at work and had to have 2 vertebrae in his neck fused. But, with their love, strengths and firm belief that this is what God wanted them to do they built an impossible house in a ravine and made a good, fulfilling life together. They had several wonderful dogs and cats. Just a nice family, all the way around. I would highly recommend this book, its a great modern day pioneering book.

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