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Purchased two as gifts for adult children who spend time in wilderness year round. I did a careful comparison with other products, read advisory websites, consulted with friends who spend time in the wilderness, and added the following: compass, more rope, plastic garbage and large sandwich bags, toilet paper, duct tape, water purification tabs, and energy bars. I also added a medical kit. Keeping my fingers crossed that they carry this gear with them, that they don't have to use it, and if they do...that it works.
This is the "original" survival kit back in 2012 when there barely making the "survival series" for Bear Grylls. I have looking for it for a while now and i couldn't believe they had it on eBay. Once i got the kit in the mail i was very happy to get my hands on it. I love how "original" and brighly colored the orange is in the air to ground signaling chart compared to the new version of the ultimate kit . The new version is cool but the "original" one is even cooler. Im glad i bought !

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