MRE Meals Ready to Eat ~ Case of 16

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shipping was crazy fast. These are FEMA rations i think. It is not the complete Military MRE as some of the components like a napkin, salt & pepper, candy, etc are not included but the elements are good and mine were dated from 2012. Contents are almost always entree, cheese pack, peanut butter, cookie and heater. The only real problem i have is that some of the heaters do not work so well with the hard water in my area. I find that adding a little salt to the water gets them going though so all in all i'm really pleased with them. Some duplicates in the boxes i have ordered but there has been very few vegetarian ones so i've been pleased with the variety. Cheapest price per meal i've found for these things and will order again. Just know that they are packaged for civilian use and understand what you are getting.
On the pro side of this the case is cheap in comparison to most of the other brands, and it will definitely keep you alive if you're reduced to eating it. On the con side of this, there's a reason they are so cheap. 7 of the 14 meals were vegetable lasagna, which is horrible, another 4 were vegetable crumble sausage, i.e. vegetarian fake meat. The other 3 meals were regular meals that included meat in some form. So, they will keep you alive in an emergency situation, but if your life is reduced to eating these you may ask yourself if life is worth living

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