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It's a nice little watch with a lot of functions. Great gift for a boy scout on a camping trip or to have on a pack.. A few things. The buckle is a little hard to clasp putting it on. And the thermometer is a little hard to read if you have the watch face towards you. And it's in CELSIUS..So if you want Fahrenheit instead, you're kinda out of luck. Also the fire starter works better if you use a pocket knife instead of the included metal scraper, but I suppose it could work in a pinch if you had nothing else. Compass works great.. could be a little bigger. Overall, a good watch with a shiny bottom that can also be used as a signal mirror.. little bonus. Great value. Nice thing to have and very affordable. 🙂
Buyers, this watch is excelent and good quality. But i must say if your wrist size its a 7.5 the watch will run a size bigger. Plus it will stretch a little because its paracord material. You must buy it an inch less in order so that it can fit perfectly. But if not and you want to buy it this size, what i did was When the watch arrived, i went to youtube to rebuild it again the right size. They will show you how to make them. Look for the fish tail paracord video. I did this and it came out perfectly... 😊 im happy with my purchase!

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