Maglite K3A032 Red Solitaire 200 Candlepower Case Flashlight Light

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I bought 2 of these, one for my truck cab and one for my fiancé's truck cab. Since we can't always depend on our cab lights to light up everywhere we are looking ( like under the seat or deep in the console) these are handy and perfect. They shine bright and have an adjustable light band and use regular AAA batteries for easy replacement. And they are made by Maglite, so the quality is already there!
I expected a thicker walled body from maglite. After all, it has a keychain feature which would suggest it can take a beating. I doubt it. The lanyard is thin and cheap as well. It'll probably fall off or break before I get to use it. As far as size and standard lighting this is what I was looking for to serve as a bore light on the go.

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