Eton American Red Cross FRX3+ Emergency NOAA Weather Radio

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Researched and chose this radio which did not disappoint. Family member lives in rural area and tried at least 2 but could not get reception and this worked fine. Recently purchased another as a gift and they really like it having tried all the great features -- electric, solar or hand crank recharge, glow in the dark outline around top solar panel, nice LED light, 7 weather stations should give you one, etc. NOTE - mine came with ability to put in 3 AAA batteries and the others did not. Not sure which I am commenting on here of the 3 so if that's important to you make sure you check. Inside battery area says: FRX3 0269250 on a label which accepts 3 - AAA batteries and has the rechargeable one too. As interest was for the emergency weather forecast haven't gotten into the radio too much.
Great product, easy to use and the sound is great for a small one speaker radio. Two types of batter and three ways to use them. Two ways to charge with a cell phone charger added. I have an older version but this one outdoes that one. Go bags are not complete and ready to grab.

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