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The book ia full of brief facts (sometimes 30 words and a sketch of the topic about many topics, from knots to what not to eat. CONS: The book lacks specific details to with the material covered. EX: The how to's of spearing a fish are lacking bit the how to make a spear is covered. The book jumps around alot, and you find info a topic in many chapters. The book tries to cover too much ground. How to survive covers many pages about being in a Desert, the artic , the jungle ... The black and white sketches of the edible plants are not in color, nor is the color of the blossoms or fruit/berries to look for. The book however has 30-40 pages of useful how to's.
everything in this book is completely relevant, even if it is a few years old. The author covers every single thing you could need to know and things you had not thought of, it is covered in this book. The Price is great and the condition of the book was better than expected

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