The Foxfire Book Vol 1 1972 First Edition First Printing Eliot Wigginton AO-36

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Old classic on extreme country living. Mountain people have been parodied and mocked by highbrows for years; this book reveals useful information that can apply to living through times good and bad, written plainly and well. This first volume has a great deal of practical content; those from the rural south will recognize the ways of their elders in the many stories told here.
Well, first of all my grandparents raised me most of the time. Some of the peoples' picture reminders me of my grandpa and grandma. They use to lived on a house and I do not mean one that has electricity and running water. I was made of wood. Similar to a house-boat in one of Huckleberry Fin. My grandpa and them use to pick cotton, by the way we are white folks. The smokehouse, rabbit trap, chimmeys/fire place were the same that my grandparents used. There were certain medicines and others things that also used. When we killed hogs nothing was trown away, except the squeal. I remember as a child I helped churn butter, gather eegs, cut firewood. I could go on and on. The discription of the book is what decided me to buy it, because I and my grandparents and my mom, use to lived just like that. No, indoor water, no bathroom, no lights, only a kerosene lanters. I still have one than is still being used, when the electricity goes out. I was brought during those wonderful years and enjoyed live so much better. I those days we would sleep on the porches during the hot nights. Well it's passed my bed time. The reminds me of my grandparents and mom. I will teach my grandkids some of the things in the book. I feel very blessed to have been able to aquire this book. thank you, randy cotten

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