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As a longtime outdoorsman and fan of "Fat Guys In the Woods" I have enjoyed all of Creek Stewarts books, he's a very gifted speaker and writer, and of course is also a leading bush craft authority - and this book carries those gifts on every page, it is a very useful book, with moments of genius throughout - however there are just a couple pages that the hack is IMHO not that valuable (now watch me need these hacks tomorrow) hence a 4 star rating instead of 5. As its topical content is formatted to one page long hacks, it is a great book for the restroom or any other time you do not have a long time to read. I would suggest the Bug Out series is more important than this book, and there is some slight overlap of ideas, however if you have the $ to buy this book, GET IT TOO!
To Basic for any one who has lived a country life or If you were a Farmer, hunter ,Boy Scout or Girl Scout . Probably a fun book for scout leaders or if you are new to the outdoors.

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