Crimson Trace CWL-202 Waterproof Tactical Flashlight with 900 Lumen LED White…

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Most importantly the Light is American made by an American company. It is very bright without being ridiculous. It came with Pic, Keymod, and Mlok mount. All are high quality with metal hardware. The pressure pad is surprisingly high quality and the pad works nomatter where you press on the pad. It also had a constant on button. It comes with a normal tail cap also so you could use it as a handheld Light if you so choose. Its pretty small and compact compared to other lights I have. If size is important the smaller version takes 1 CR123 battery and is still 500 lumens. I would have no problem putting this Light on my duty rifle. Generally speaking a rifle Light is used for momentary on/off function while searching or Identifying so the battery should last awhile. (Its rated for a little over an hour with constant on). For General use i would be using one of my handheld lights like a Pelican or Streamlight. But in the event you need to use this Light all night, all you need is to pop in fresh CR123 batteries. Very easy to carry a few extra in your rifle grips.
The light itself is great. It’s a bright white shade and the button has both 3m adhesive or velcro straps to attach to the handguard. The widest part of the velcro loops is 1 1/4” wide, so it might not fit completely flush with all handguards. Still feels fine to me tho. The button works well, but if you don’t put enough pressure on the temporary button then it might flicker a bit. Proper hand positioning will prevent that. Steady on/off seems to be a reliable button, but it clicks each time which is whatever. My M-Lok screws wouldn’t thread on completely. Initially they would stop before going through the m-lok key, but I just cranked it in there and got it on and it’s fine. Included mounts for picatinny, m-lok and keymod all seem good. I plan on getting the shorter version for my shorter handguards. This full size light takes up as much of the rail as I’m comfortable with on a 60” handguard without having to buy an offset light mount.

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