Buck Knives 119 Special Black Phenolic Handle Fixed Blade Knife W/ Sheath USA

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I can't compare it to a regular Buck 119 being that this my first one, but I love this knife. It's about half the price of a Kabar Fighting/Utility knife but just as good of a value. The knife comes shaving sharp. Being stainless steel I'm not sure how difficult it will be to sharpen yet. The sheath is a high quality leather, but it's made in Mexico. The only downside to the knife it that it has a slippery handle designed for someone with bigger hands. The grip is also a bit square and bulky, but not uncomfortable. The 75th anniversary logo on the sheath and in the handle are very nice touches. It's a beautiful knife that would be a great gift for a knife collector. I plan on using it while camping and fishing. Hopefully the slick grip won't be an issue if it gets wet.
Buck is well known for making high quality knives. This is no exception! This knife is a superbly crafted hunting knife. It comes razor (shaving) sharp right out of the box. The handle is ergonomic, and allows for a good purchase on the knife. The knife is well balanced for precision work. The black leather sheath provides nice retention even when the retaining strap is unbuttoned. If you are looking for a high quality fixed blade hunting knife, this one is hard to beat for the cost!

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