Schrade Fixed 5.4″ Blade Knife Full Tang 8Cr13MoV TPE Handle Pouch SCHF26

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Is this a hand made knife with hand handle? No. Is this a heavy blade that is well constructed and has a good grip? YES! I was recently considering an Esee 6, or the harsey difensi, those are great knives but only needed if you want that level STATUS. this blade is easily 1/8" thicker than the Esee 6, and as far as I am concern the handle is also better than the Esee. This is a GREAT knife at 1/3 the cost of higher end models, it is all pros no cons.
The quality doesn't seem to have changed this brand much, even though it is produced in China! Since it was made in the U.S. at one time, just like everything else was! I really like this knife even though I haven't put it under much rigorous stress yet! I figure if it withstands batoning, and shaping spoons for me, it is a fairly good knife! I think it will do anything you ask of it! Would I try to hang from it on a mountain cliff, I don't really think I would want to test any knife like that anymore! I'm not up to stupid stunts like that anymore! Twenty years ago, maybe! Anyway, I think it is a knife that can be trusted in a pinch, I need to take it out and stab it into a good solid hardwood, and hang from it, Then I would trust about anything!

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