Anker PowerCore 26800mAh Power Bank 3-Port USB Portable External Battery Charger

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I really like these power banks; using them with portable solar power. There aren’t any power banks with three high-speed charging ports in this price range. I own three… bought two refurbished. One is perfect, the other one has defective charging lights, but otherwise performs normally. After a few monitored charge-discharge cycles, my guess is they put out an honest 75 to 80W at 5V. The photo is just for reference. The one laying down is being charged with just one input.
the charging capacity and speed thereof is very good. Item comes without a AC wall adapter, which is a minus. The unit, besides being hefty and somewhat heavy for its purpose, is rather twice as big as any similar charger made in an earlier version, its dimensions being for some a deterrent for its portability (inside a personal purse/bag)

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