Two Person Outdoor Camping Parachute Nylon Hammock

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Excellent hammock with all the hanging hardware included. Works best for one person if you fold the material onto itself rather than opening it as wide as it goes. It's more firm that way. Haven't tried it with two people yet, but I'm sure it's great that way too. A nice feature with this hammock is that there is enough material on the sides that you can cover yourself to block the wind if it gets chilly at night. I've slept in this hammock in my backyard many times and got a very restful sleep. I like the olive/brown color combo because it blends in with the foliage. It even has a little bag on the side that is useful for putting eye glasses, cell phone, etc in.
Strong. Light. Packs up very small. Easy set up. Best thing ever to bring when camping with kids. My 7 and 4 year old will play in/with it for hours. Could easily be used for sleeping as well.

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