Ka-Bar 2-1271-0 Serrated Kraton Handle Combat Knife – Black

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User reviews

This is an awesome knife. I have a couple of thicker beckers,( Bk 2 and 7.) It outperformed both, (except batoning). I don't like beating up on my knives anyways. You should only use your jack knife for that , to make smaller kindling. If you want a great knife to do knife stuff, look No further.
I purchased two of these knives and was very dissatisfied with the level of quality of both. The design of the knife is great but workmanship is awful. One of the knives had a slight bend in the tip. On the other the back side of the knife was cut crooked comparing one side to the other. The company responded to my complaint by indicating that minor imperfections would not prevent the knife from being used as intended.

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