2-Burner Cooktop Camping Stoves Outdoor Grill Portable 15,000 BTU Each NEW

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About this product Product Information This portable tabletop propane gas range has two burners, an easy-to-clean tempered glass cooktop, a stainless steel surface and base, and Piezo-electric auto-ignition for easy startup. It features an lpg regulator and 15k BTU for each burner. The individually-controlled burners have inner and outer flame rings for precise temperature...

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Beautiful styling and awesome performance. Be very careful with delicate, coated, thin, cheap types of cookware. This is almost forge heat. My Cast Iron, heavy stainless & heavy commerical aluminum wares luv it. Not so much my "Copper Coated" items. Very easy to ruin these, "Copper or Green Coated & TFal wares. Same for cheap stainless & misc Ceramics.
Very nice product, easy to use!

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