Buck knives 104 compadre, with Leather Sheath, NEW

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I live and work in the Land of Enchantment, the Great State of New Mexico. I hunt, camp and go fishing; as well as going hiking and mountain biking. This solid camp knife will slice bacon, make plenty of wood shavings to help start a camp fire and can be sharpened to a razor edge. It will do, just about, everything you need while hiking or setting up a camp site. One terrific feature, which made me buy this critter, is the brightly colored blade; if you drop the thing (it happens), the brightly colored blade will help you find it without help; Thus, keeping your dignity intact. This is a great knife that does, just about, everything that anyone might need while camping. And, YES, I'd recommend this knife to a friend.
The Buck 104 Camp Knife is a great value for the money spent. Interesting to look at (unique to say the least), but the Buck 104 is a solid knife that cuts and handles well and has a decent sheath to boot. I recommend this knife - I bought five (5) as gifts...

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