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At our house we're ready for anything. We stock these survival meals for the worst. One caution, don't tell your "friends" you have a supply of these gourmet tasting survival meals or you'll be overrun when the big one hits. If you live in an earthquake zone as we do, you'll sleep better knowing that when the quake hits you still have food to survive. It's all about protecting your family, next to life insurance this is the best thing money can buy.
To be fair, I want to point out that I only tried one entre, sent free as a sample by Wise Foods. It was the "Creamy Pasta and Vegetable Rotini", and it was not good. Oh, if it is all you have between you and starving I'm sure it would be a wise choice to consume it, but judged against claims of virtually "gourmet" fair it falls far, far short, to barely pallatable. I understand these things can't taste like home cooking or your favorite restaurant, but the taste was, at best, "odd", and the taste remained with me for another day and a half at least.

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