MIDLAND HH54VP Portable Emergency Handheld Weather Alert Radio – New (Sealed)

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This is a great little radio that you can tune to give warnings during severe weather, just like its larger version; which I also have. AC adapter helps it to charge battery and to keep the power up when non severe or storms come up. So, I'd recommend one for when can't use the larger version.
I have Midland radios so I decided to go with one for the car it has some nice features my biggest issue is you have to have a second job to keep the thing in batteries. Would I buy it again? Most likely I would pass on this model then do more research and find one better on batteries and can only give this one a C grade. I was easy to set up and sounded decent while working but too many times the battery was toasted when pulled out for no reason as it had no useage on it.

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