Brunton Lenstatic Compass – Classic Military Style – Metal – Model 9077

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A lot of reviews give this a less than great rating but I can tell that a few users are not fully skilled in how to use this type of compass. For the price point it's a great compass when used properly. Is it as good as a Cammenga? No, but it's a fraction of the price so you can't compare them against each other. It's sturdy, functional and worth the price you pay for it. A good value and I do recommend this compass. 🙂
This compass is not regular Brunton quality. I compared it to a Brunton TruArc 20 and this one is inconsistent in pointing North, at least compared to the TruArc. I also noticed that the printing on the pointer is not actually lined up with the needle, being off by several degrees. This is not a compass I would be comfortable trusting. I am not sure how this one made it past quality control.

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