Sun Company ProSight Sighting Map Compass with Adjustable Declination – Handheld Orienteering Baseplate Compass for Hiking, Backpacking, and Survival Navigation

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  • ADJUSTABLE DECLINATION - True North and Magnetic North are not identical. The Sun Company ProSight Map Compass has an adjustable declination dial that makes it easy to get the most precise reading. An essential piece of equipment for military survival or search and rescue situations.
  • LUMINOUS ROTATING BEZEL - Compass bezel rotates 360 degrees for easy bearings. Dial is...

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    My two teens and I are are volunteers in our community to assist with some search and rescue missions. We need to pack a lot of items into our Go Bags for training as well as to be prepared in the event we are called upon to assist in emergency services. There is only so much space to fit stuff into our pack. Having one, pocked sized, item that covers the need for several, otherwise separate, items is especially handy.• Light weight: Compact, light, yet feels very sturdy. I expect this compass to hold up well for our training and field work.• The bright orange string: makes it easier to locate the compass if it were to be pulled off the person or placed on the ground. Having a break away design makes this safer in the event the person were to get hung up on brush or were to have a fall. The string is also a good place to attach additional items, such as a signal whistle, and flint and steel.• Fold closed case: The hard shell case protects the compass vile as well as the sighting mirror. It has silicone “feet” that will make it stay put on a map for orientation, measuring, and marking.• The mirror: Although it is there for sighting the compass, it will also work very well as a signaling mirror to communicate with aircraft or other ground team members. It would be very handy in a survival situation for hiking, camping, hunting, and backpacking too. As with any mirror, it can work for personal grooming or self tick checks.• Straight edges of the case: Transparent, with several different measuring incriminates for calculations and map distance orientations. It includes a right angle protractor for different map scales with mile measurements (1:24000, 1:25000, 1:50000, 63360) as well as inch and millimeter measurements.• Magnifying spot: Enlarge items on maps, or remove a splinter. I haven’t tried to use it to start a fire, it might not be large enough or strong enough. But, I might just try it out on the next sunny day.•Declination adjustment: Very important when needing accuracy in shooting an azimuth or finding a specific location. It was a little difficult to figure out how to get the adjustment to work at first, but now its easy.• Glow-in-the-dark bezel: It took very little light to charge the dial and it shines brightly in low or no light. Makes it easy to read the compass at night or evening, low light situations.• Clinometer: This could be very handy when radioing in the height of an object found in the search, or just knowing how heigh up something is from your position. If you don’t have a map with the elevation lines handy, letting other team members know the elevation of an object you are seeing (cliff face, hill) to share orientation information can be useful.• Instructions: Folded up neatly on heavy paper should last a long time (if not wet).• Warranty: Five years worth of warranty gives confidence that this compass should work as designed. We will train with this compass to be sure we are very comfortable with all of its features.What would I change? I would like to have a bright orange cloth, light canvas, water-resistant case to store the compass in when it’s not around my neck. I will sew three cases, myself, to protect the three we have for our family. But, including one that is Molle compatible, or at least with a belt loop, would make this compass even better.Perhaps I will add an update after a year of use (if I remember) to see how this compass holds up to field use and getting stuffed into a go-bag over and over again.Overall, I would recommend this compass for anyone hiking, backpacking, camping, or others serving their communities with search and rescue type activities.
    Best Compass option you can buy has everything you need....better than all brand name Compasses out there currently. Setting DECLINATION is a simple.

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