ORIGINAL – Eton Solarlink ARCFR 360 Emergency AAA Solar Windup Radio Sealed

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This is a very good survival radio. It has a light, emergency flasher, almost all the emergency radio frequencies. It can run on the rechargeable battery with the use of solar power. I put the radio outside in the sun and it was fully charged within 10 hrs. It also has a hand crank for the hardcore energy. It can run on reg batteries as well. All of these modes can be picked on the radio. It has a digital readout of the time and or radio stations. It has a decent antenna on the back. It has a jack for phone charger and or DC 10 volt adpater holes. It also has aux for headphones or mp3 players on the back as well. For the whopping price of 30 dollars you can't beat this radio.
Received this radio quickly, but compared to the previous model of same radio it has poorer sound and reception, I must say I am disappointed but it is still am OK radio, I would just shop for something else, usually these ETONs and Grundigs are at least what I call good but this one is only fair

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