Special Forces Survival Guide: Wilderness Survival Skills from the World’s Most

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About this product Product Information SURVIVE HARSH TERRAIN, EXTREME CONDITIONS AND LIFE-THREATENING SITUATIONS Packed with tips, tricks, and clear instructions, Special Forces Survival Guide presents the vital techniques used by the world's best trained soldiers to stay alive in the wild, including how to: -Find Food and Water -Build Shelter -Start a Fire -Craft Tools and...

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Great book with good visual details. Examples I like are how to find direction (north, south, etc) by using your watch and a second method is taught with sticks and the sun. How to skin an animal if you ever get in this situation. Emergency shelters,finding fish, and etc. I gave a copy to a friend in the military and he liked it too. This book takes survival to a higher level than the old Boy Scout manuals..I highly recomend this book.
excellent read...great illustrations...you need this to survive !

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