Dungeons & Dragons Wilderness Survival Guide Mohan 1986 TSR 2020 – C1011

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The wilderness survival guide, published by TSR, is a wonderful collection of information to accompany the role playing game called AD&D or advanced dungeons and dragons. Inside this book there is an expanded section for non-weapon proficiencies and flying mount information that makes the game all the more detailed and exciting to those who play the greatest game on earth. AD&D was created by the master of dungeons himself, Gary Gygax. Though i never met or spoke to him, i know that he was a great man; just from the works he has created. If you wish to know more about the game or would like to write a post honoring the now past creator of the AD&D game, you can go to http://www.dragonsfoot.org or e-mail me what you have to write. Once again i would urge all gamers to try the original game that started it all for me, AD&D 1st edition. "And damn proud of it!"
I used to play this game in my early-late teens and thought back then there was too many rules, and this book reminds me of all the rules one could follow. While this book contains a fair amount of info I`m glad the of buddies I play this game with really only used them some of the time.

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