MRE Ready-to-Eat Military Surplus 12 Meals A/A

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  • Model: R9217
  • Type: MRE
  • MPN: R9217
  • UPC: Does not apply

User reviews

It was missing the TTI sticker, which was a bit of a concern. I had 4 of the meals out of it so far, and they have turned out very well cared for and no signs of overheat from poor storage. Always a great quality food and packaging from genuine military MRE's. I will buy again if they ever drop in cost.
I buy a case every year for hunting. Normally they're only $60-$80 for a case. But since all the covid loonies are taking them away from us normal people, I am forced to pay more money. But at least this one has been the cheapest. I've seen them upwards of $120-$200 for a case. All of you are insane, go back to your grocery stores and buy AS NEEDED and quit stocking up like the world is ending. Anyways, thank you for being the cheapest.

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