New Sawyer Products Squeeze Water Filter System Hiking Outdoors Survival Kit

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  • MPN: SP129
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User reviews

This Water Filter System has Great Reviews and the company claims it will Filter 1M Gallons of water if properly maintained which is easy enough with the supplied cleaning syringe. I've noticed some SP129 Kits don't come with the extra water pouch and accessories that the SP129 Kit I received did or the sellers don't advertise it. The SP129 Kit I received has the Filter with a on/off drinking plug, Two Water Pouches, inline Bladder Connections and a Black Mesh Bag that's used for hanging one of the Water Pouches to Gravity feed water through the Filter which also doubles as a Storage Bag to keep everything together. In my opinion the Kit I received is a Great Portable Lite weight Kit to add to your hiking, camping, hunting or survival pack as long as you don't have to worry about Chemicals/Pesticide's or other pollutants in the water. Make sure you use a Chemical/Pesticide uncontaminated spring, streams, creek or clean water lake for your water source and stay away from the ponds, rivers, recreational boating lakes or any waters suspected of commercial, farming and sewage run-off.
Anyone looking for a reasonably priced, high value, high quality, tested & proven water filter need look no further. This one is the one you are looking for. Check out reviews and comments anywhere and you will see this Sawyer system is a top rated filter for outdoor use. It is being used by many government agencies throuout the world in disaster and other uses, with glowing reviews by them. Yes, it does not guarantee to filter all viruses, radiological matter and chemicals ; most any simple filter also cannot do that also !! So with that in mind, to remove those nasty pollutants and viruses you need to get the expensive high end (very expensive & limited) purifiers. The unit has a lifetime warranty; a claim most all of the others will not give you. I don't know of ANY other filter that has a lifetime warranty, and it is good for a MILLION gallons - the others don't come near this guarantee.

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